Western Science Meets Chinese Medicine

This 100-hour program provides
  • an overview of western anatomy/physiology
  • a bridge connecting modern western scientific knowledge with
    the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.
  • the more left-brain, analytical, western description of
    biological structure and function
  • the more holistic, metaphorical, eastern description that
    includes the emotional, mental and spiritual realms.
    Integration of the two views can provide a deeper              
    understanding of healing for both western and eastern
The program is for
  • students and practitioners of Asian Bodywork Therapy (and
    other branches of Chinese Medicine) who need a basic
    anatomy and physiology course that is relevant to their
  • those new to Chinese Medicine who are interested in
    exploring a more holistic framework in a western-based
Individual courses within the program are for
  • Health professionals looking for integrated Continuing
    Education and Professional Development Credits.

The Course Advantages
  • For ABT: Anatomy/Physiology relevant to one’s professional
  • Provides a bridge between Asian and western healing
  • Compares and contrasts western and Chinese
    organ/physiological theory
  • Identifies the influence of Acu-points and meridians on
    muscles and organs
  • Teaches location of 361 main Acu-points and meridians using
    western anatomical landmarks
  • The on-line format allows students to progress at their own
    pace, while participating in the community discussions and live
  • The 100-hour program is divided into 12 discreet courses of
    between 4 and 14 hours that can be taken separately for CE

History of this Course
By Deborah Valentine Smith  
I didn't intend to teach A&P, although I enjoyed the material in my courses in
college and massage school, and later in Asian Bodywork Therapy courses.
This program  began as an alternative for students of Asian Bodywork Therapy
who found the usual A&P courses available to them to be of limited relevance
to their work. My work on this program has also become an exploration of the
ways that Western Science validates the "mysterious" principles of Chinese
Medicine, and, interestingly enough, the way Chinese Medicine explains some
of the mysteries of Western Science.
An on-line version of WBEM is in
"beta-testing" right now with a great group
of students . It will be ready for others to
join on March
15, 2015. The hundred-hour
program is composed of 12 "courses" of
2 to  14 hours each, which may be taken
individually for CE credit.(See the course
On-line time will include live
tele-conferences, recorded lectures,
videos, slide presentations and self-test
quizzes.  Homework includes reading.
A&P coloring book assignments,
worksheets and special projects. Course
credit is given for satisfactory completion
of all assignments and an exam for each

If you are interested , contact me at


Testimonial from an
Asian Bodywork Therapist:
"As part of the permitting process, I needed to take an A&P exam in
[my town].  As with a lot of towns, everything falls under massage.
There were questions on oils, draping, massage techniques, etc.
along with lots of A&P with most of it focused on muscles, bones and
organs.  Without knowing anything about massage I managed an
The point is that something stuck during the [A&P] training.  Thanks
again, this is big piece to get behind me."
Take Care,

Western Body, Eastern Mind
Integrated Anatomy & Physiology
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The forms of bodywork offered here  are  not  intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of disease. They are relaxation therapy, and a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified
medical or psychological care. For any persistent pain or symptom, even a seemingly minor one, you are strongly encouraged to consult a medical doctor. When used in
conjunction with standard medical treatment, these techniques can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased
Western Body, Eastern Mind
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15, 2015.
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Course Details &

Course Approvals
  • Taught by an AOBTA®
    Certified Instructor;
    Satisfies AOBTA® (American
    Organization for Bodywork
    Therapies of Asia) 100 hour
    Anatomy & Physiology
    requirement for Certified
Ask for the Status of:
  • NCCAOM approval for PDAs
  • NCBTMB  Approval for
    Continuing Education Credits
  • New York State Approval for
    Continuing Education Credits
  • for Licensed Massage
    Therapists (pending).